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2nd Annual Eastern Shore Classic

Our goal for the 3 days of this tournament is to create a family-friendly atmosphere for all ages, with a tournament twist. 

"Many other sports have made their games an experience; which is exactly what we are planning to do with this tournament, make it an all-inclusive deal, for one price, that you can bring your whole family to...". ~ Sara Chapman

With this in mind, the weekend will involve much of the entire city of Pocomoke including family-friendly deals and discounts at many businesses, as well as a miniature fair outside of the Eastern Shore Lanes bowling alley. Plan on kids' games, food trucks, and vendors to fill the gaps between bowling sessions. 
Handicap 90% of 220 based on 2023-2024 league averages on bowl.com

5 Person Teams / $500 Team Entry. The total pinfall of the Team counted.

Bracket Style Single Elimination.

$19,000 Total Purse for the Main Event. 

Winner $8,000, Runner-Up $4500, 3rd $3000, 4th $1500, 5th - 8th $500 each. 

Side Brackets for Singles, Doubles, and Scratch will be available. 

Qualifying times available: Friday 4 pm, Friday 8 pm, Saturday 10 am, Saturday 2 pm. 64 teams MAX allowed. Alternates will be placed on reserve once all spots are filled. 

Your team must be signed up for a designated qualifier with entry sign-up. First come, first serve. 16 Teams MAX per qualifying session. Each qualifying round will consist of 3 games, with total pinfall counted. The top 20 Scoring teams, out of all 4 qualifiers, will move to the elimination bracket. The top 4 seeds will receive a first-round bye and guaranteed purse money. Teams 5 through 20 will play a single game, single elimination on Saturday afternoon. The remainder of eliminations will begin Sunday at 10 am. 

All Bowlers will receive catered food and soft drinks Friday from 3 pm until the tournament ends on Sunday. Ordering off the menu will be allowed for regular pricing. Full catering menu available for viewing, coming shortly!

Thursday 10 am to 10 pm AND Friday 9 am to 12 pm will be available for practice, in-house, for tournament entrants FREE of charge. No open bowling will be allowed from Thursday through Sunday. 

Redemption Round - Anyone who has not qualified for the second round may compete in the Redemption Round. 3 games, total pinfall for separate purse fund, pays out 5:1. 

Team sign-ups are allowed in-house and online as of 2/1/2024. 50% of entry is due at sign up.